Client Testimonials

For anyone looking for the best real estate agent in Calvert County, I would not look any further than Gail Siegel. When my husband and I decided to list our home, we called Gail through a friend’s recommendation. As she talked us through the process, it was obvious that Gail was thorough, VERY knowledgeable about not only the selling process but also about Calvert County real estate and waterfront property.  She answered ALL our questions and did not put one iota of pressure on us to sell our home but said if we were interested, she’d be able to assist. We called her the next day!

When we signed with Gail, she patiently went through all the paperwork and made sure we understood. She then set us up with a photo and video shoot, which professionally highlighted our home and the waterfront area. Gail didn’t just list our house; she actively promoted our house with other agents, her own office, postcard mailings, and in an upscale real estate publication.  When we had to be away from our home on a weekend when buyer visits were scheduled, Gail visited our home at the end of the day to make sure all was locked up and lights off.  She continuously checked in to make sure everything was okay with us, checked in with buyer agents to garner feedback about the visits, and recommended service companies to remediate some items. Gail did not stop at selling our house but also reached out and found us a great real estate agent in another state to assist with our new home search.  We always felt in expert hands with Gail and after our house sold, really count her as one of our friends and not just our real estate agent. I would recommend Gail to anyone looking to purchase or sell real estate in Calvert County; she knows her business, the market, and was so easy to work with.

I’m writing this testimonial about my realtor but also my good friend. My wife and I have known Gail for probably 10 years or more.  We first wanted to use her as realtor in 2021 when we intended to sell our house in Prince Frederick. However, after working with her we decided not to sell after my wife’s terminal cancer diagnosis. Gail had done a lot of work in prep for the sale including a photo tour and album but she understood our circumstances. Gail was a wonderful friend to us both during my wife’s illness and when my wife passed away in November, 2023.  I once again asked Gail to help me sell our house as I planned to leave Maryland. There was a tremendous amount of paperwork we had to complete and Gail took the time needed to go over everything and also the process to make certain I understood it. She is a meticulous person and realtor who always makes certain everything is done properly so there will not be any problems later. What I like about working with Gail is how she  promotes the property as “coming soon” before it is officially posted on the MLS website.  This gives other realtors a chance to know what and when the property is coming so once it went live there would be realtors waiting to arrange for their clients to view the property.  When my property finally went live, we already had realtors arranging viewings, and we sold the house within two days at the full asking price.  Truly phenomenal! Gail worked with me to prepare more paperwork to complete the sale and helped me all the way through closing. I’ve now left Maryland but will always consider Gail my good friend. If you want someone who cares about you, who will help you through all the paperwork, and who will deliver results then look no further then Gail.

“After seeing the success friends had using Gail as their agent, when our life got turned upside down and we found ourselves needing to find a home quickly, we turned to Gail. I made my first call to Gail on a Friday afternoon and 9 days later we were submitting an offer. Despite our tight timeline, unexpected house hunt and therefore at times scattered wish list, we found a home and made it happen. We were able to get all of our inspections, paperwork and follow ups completed to close on our short timeline in a fast moving and tough market. Most importantly, our kids don’t have to change schools and start over after life altering news. Gail watched out for us and guided us through the process, ensuring we didn’t miss important points and were satisfied with our purchase. Thank you Gail!”

“Nearly 30 years ago we bought a wonderful bayfront home on the cliffs in Old Calvert Beach.  When it came time to put it on the market, we decided Gail would be the best realtor for us based on her outstanding reputation.  Through the entire process, Gail was much more than a realtor — she was a partner.  Her extensive knowledge and experience with the unique market of waterfront properties, marketing tactics, resources for any need that arose, and goals for sales & pricing strategies served us extremely well.

Along with her professional photographer, they created an outstanding video and photographs that showcased the neighborhood and natural beauty surrounding our home, as well as the upgrades throughout the interior.  Gail maintained effective and on-going communication from the first conversation to beyond settlement.  She kept us up to date on market interest and showings, answered numerous questions, and guided us through multiple offers that were received over one weekend.

Gail’s business knowledge and personalized customer service were top-notch.  Her sense of humor was a joy.  Her reassurance of, “It is what it is” was a calming influence through what could have been a stressful experience.  Gail exceeded our expectations in every way.  We highly recommend Gail!”

“Gail represented us during our recent home purchase; without her, we wouldn’t have found our forever home. She was courteous, prompt, attentive, personable, and thorough. Gail made it a priority to understand what we wanted, to best represent us during the home buying process. Her expertise in Calvert County was invaluable, and we are profoundly grateful she was our agent. We cannot emphasize enough just how much we recommend her!”

“I met Gail years ago and told her what I was looking for in a second home, which was very specific.  She looked for houses for years for us and sent us one recently that is exactly what we wanted.  She has been a great resource during the contract to close process and we are excited to enjoy the house.  Overall, she is a true expert on Calvert County/waterfront properties and I highly recommend her for anyone looking for a property in her area.”

“During my husband’s military career and then, during his second career in executive corporate management, we moved so many times that the home we recently purchased represents our 21st address.  In the process of so many moves and buying and selling, we developed an unwritten list of qualities we looked for in any agent that represented us…and Gail got high check marks in every category.  A high priority on the list was the current and on-going depth of knowledge of the local real estate market.  Of equal importance were positive referrals from other buyers and sellers in the area, strong communication skills, and being proactive with immediate responses when situations changed. There were other requirements…and Gail met them all.

When looking for an agent to represent you, I recommend developing your own list of requirements: I think you’ll find Gail meets them all.”

“When I first met Gail, I told her my dream of finding an affordable yet uniquely captivating waterfront home in the Lusby area. When the right property finally came on the market, Gail immediately went into action! We quickly found ourselves in the midst of a highly competitive bidding process, and due to Gail’s real estate acumen and trusted reputation in the Lusby area, we won the bid! Her professional presentation of our offer along with her deep knowledge of the area resonated with the seller, earning her trust, and ultimately resulted in our offer rising to the top. I can’t thank Gail enough for her enthusiasm, attention to detail and willingness to act quickly when the “big” moment came. We are thrilled with our new home, and deeply grateful to Gail for making it all happen!”

“Choosing a realtor was a first step in a challenging undertaking.  I was moving to South Carolina and selling my condo in Solomons Landing.  When I first met Gail Siegel I felt I would be in good hands.  Gail was realistically attuned to the lively local real estate market.  She toured my condo and questioned me as to my plans and expectations.  As we sat to discuss her thoughts, I admired her keen observations about market competition and realistic sales strategies.

Gail hired a talented photographer who took wonderful photos and a video. His photos highlighted the open floor plan and delightful water views.  Gail’s extensive network of professionals also led me to a moving company which provided me with exactly what I needed.  The on-line system she employed kept me informed about showings of my condo unit was an appreciated benefit.  Within less than a week, we had a satisfactory offer.  From that moment on, Gail continued to guide me through the maze of inspections, paperwork, document signing and more.  Her local contacts included trusted contractors who provided quality services when work was needed to satisfy inspection or code requirements.

Throughout, Gail was professional, knowledgeable, honest, encouraging, efficient and in continuous contact with me.  She stayed with me through the virtual settlement after I had moved to SC.  I will sing praises to anyone thinking of selling or buying a home or property in Southern Maryland.”

“Gail Siegel was the right realtor to list my Broomes Island property.  I met her 7 years previously to discuss listing the property but I just wasn’t ready to sell it then.  I finally was ready and recontacted Gail to list it.  She knows the Calvert county waterfront market, local community and up to date on sales strategies to attract buyers who were in the market for waterfront properties.  She used a professional photographer who took excellent photographs and video (aerial, inside and outside) that helped sell the image of waterfront living. She used an online show scheduler (date & time) that kept me apprised of the potential buyers and their comments who viewed the property.  Gail is an experienced waterfront property realtor that can get your property sold!”

“The best real estate agent that we know is Gail Siegel.  Since 2000, Gail helped me/us with 7 real estate transactions.  She is patient, highly competent, meticulous, conscientious, knowledgeable, thorough, and has very high work ethics and standards.  She will push on your behalf and do everything to get the property you have always dreamed of because she wants for you to experience the beauty of Calvert County as she has all these years.  She is genuine and will always listen and be honest.  We have had 2 smaller waterfront condos, 1 large home with a pool and now our final and 4th residence is a 3 level townhome in Solomons.  We have loved each residence and would not use anyone else to handle our real estate needs.  You deserve to have Gail Siegel as your agent. Thank you Gail!”

“When I first met with Gail about selling my rental house, I immediately knew she was the person for the job.  She is professional, knowledgeable, and thorough.  Gail always seemed a step ahead.  She is a great realtor and better yet, a great person! The transaction was quick and smooth.”

“Gail is a gifted realtor, with a depth of real estate knowledge unlike we have ever experienced. In selling our beach cottage, she used her business background and added a creative flair. She included historical information about this unique hundred year-old property. She hired a professional photographer to capture the charm and highlight the upgrades to the cottage. She searched for comparables and guided us in our selection of a price that would induce offers and achieve our financial goals. Our experience with realtors has been that they disappear after a contract is signed. Gail does not do that. She reviewed the closing documents, each contract amendment carefully, and made certain that everything was done correctly. Her entire demeanor throughout this process reflects the highest ethical standards.

In looking for a home, she patiently showed us many homes and then interviewed us to narrow down what we were searching for in a home. Each time we did this, her recommendations of houses to see became more focused, which was very helpful. We found our property on the Chesapeake Bay!”

“We recently purchased a home with Gail and I can honestly say it’s been a true pleasure working with her. Perhaps most impressive is that we did everything from abroad where I currently live. While I had seen the area a couple of times in the past, I relied heavily on Gail’s excellent knowledge and advice in my decision making. She has been professional, honest and direct since the day I met her. We very much appreciate and value her work and would highly recommend her to anyone.”

“Working with you over the years has been a true pleasure.  Your professionalism in your trade has made my life much easier throughout the years.  Over 14 years we have worked together in renting and finally selling my property.  It has been a pleasure knowing I have had you covering my back. I am not a paperwork wizard, but you know all of the in’s and out’s of this business.  You keep updated in every change in the rules and regulations of real estate and make everything flow with ease.  I knew what was going to happen every step of the way.  You constantly kept me informed throughout the entire process and never left me guessing. Keep working it Gail, because everything you do shows you love what you do and most importantly,  I am grateful to be able call you friend.  Keep in touch and stay well.  I am grateful to have been able to meet you 14 years ago and to work with you over the years.  Thank you again.”

“I recently purchased a new house and Gail was the seller’s agent.  She did such an amazing job that I asked her to represent me when I sold my house.  She is incredibly knowledgeable about the entire process with all of its nuances and truly took the time to educate me as the process moved along.  She worked tirelessly to get me the best possible outcome and I couldn’t be more satisfied with the process.  I would recommend Gail to anyone looking for an agent.”

“Gail recently helped us with the simultaneous purchase of a new home and sale of a current home, and she did a phenomenal job. Gail’s attention to detail and industry knowledge are incredible: in all our home buying and selling experience, we’ve never had a real estate agent work so thoroughly and attentively on our behalf. We are incredibly grateful for Gail’s persistence and expertise in guiding us through this process, and we would highly recommend Gail without hesitation to anyone seeking real estate representation in the area.”

“Gail Siegel is a realtor/ agent extraordinaire.  We always felt secure in our dealings because she was always on top of it.  She’s all business, with a sense of humor and perspective.  It was a pleasure working with her.”

“When we first started, I said that I trusted you to get the best price for our house. And, with an aggressive agenda, YOU DID IT !!”

“How fortunate we were to have you, Gail, for our realtor. Certain that you were a highly ethical person with great marketing and people skills gave us the confidence to pack up our belongings, hand you the keys and head south. We never doubted for a moment that our property was under a caring and watchful eye. Six weeks later, we are happy to thank you for bringing us to a closing with NO HICCUPS along the way! Happy!!!!”

“I have had the pleasure of working with Gail Siegel for the past 3 years. There is no one like her to handle your buying or selling your property. Gail is very knowledgeable in all aspect of the real estate market. In very difficult situations where multiple parties are involved in getting to settlement, she stays the course, remains very calm, has more patience than most, and sees the buy/sell to the settlement table, even if that buy/sell takes several years. Gail saw me through some hard situations where I was ready to throw in the towel. However, her ability to have all of the necessary documents and be prepared to converse with other realtors, as well as keeping me on track, is a testimony of a great real estate agent. She is professional, honest, and always ready to work for and with her clients. The relationship developed between you and your realtor is long lasting. My relationship with Gail Siegel is just that. She is my real estate agent for life. I strongly urge anyone who is considering buying or selling property contact the BEST–Gail Siegel. Thank you, Gail!”

Gail was always just a phone call away during this emotionally charged process, offering her professional advice on every detail, from the minute to the major. She added her personal touch at every step of the way, which was both a comfort and a confidence builder that enabled me to navigate the phases and deadlines associated with selling the property without losing hope.

Gail is the consummate professional. She possesses a thorough knowledge of all applicable laws and their applications, as well as the pitfalls that are so often inherent in real estate transactions. When it comes to details such as pricing and market timing, she has a long-standing and foundational familiarity with the local area to enable critical decisions easy to make. In addition, she has a network of experienced and highly capable service companies that can be called upon with a moment’s notice when it comes to property staging and repairs that make the difference when it comes to attracting and closing valuable sales contracts.

I would highly recommend Gail for the sale or purchase of any property, from a million dollar single family home to a modest condominium. She puts her heart into all that she does as a highly personable and patient professional. I feel immensely fortunate that Gail was at my side during my recent experience as a seller – I couldn’t have done it without her!”

“We want to genuinely thank Gail for assisting us with our new home search. We changed our minds several times, over the course of working with Gail. She always remained positive, upbeat, personable, knowledgeable, and guided us along the way. We initially chose Gail to help us with finding a new build, then resales, foreclosures, and we decided on a new build within a planned community. She is a genuine person and has a vast amount of knowledge within the real estate industry. We plan on working with her in the future. We appreciate you helping us, Gail. Thank you”

“Gail Siegel was a pleasure to have as my real estate agent. Gail never left any questions unanswered. She always explained every step thoroughly and responded to my questions promptly. I would highly recommend her as you will receive the best service any agent can provide and much more.. I know from experience as I have worked with several real estate agents before and I would place her at the very top without any hesitation. I only wish she was licensed all over the United States!”

“Linda and I would like to Thank You for all your hard work and effort in getting our house on the market and sold. Your marketing tools were very professional and certainly assisted in attracting potential buyers. We were very pleased with your thorough and detailed explanation of the process from start all the way through the closing. Thank You once again.”

“There are those who say, never do business with a friend if you want the friendship to last. Gail Siegel has been our friend for sixteen years, and we will never regret the opportunity we had to market our Long Beach properties with her. The properties, a rental with water view and our bay front home, each required a different marketing approach, and Gail, always the consummate professional, not only provided all the data we needed to arrive at favorable selling prices but helped stage each house (which means telling your friend to clear her kitchen counter) so its finest attributes would shine in the virtual tours. Within a month of their listing dates, we accepted offers on both properties.

There are also those who believe a realtor’s job is done when all parties have signed the purchase agreement. But even the Taj Mahal can fall victim to the home inspector. And having encountered some problems in this regard, we were fortunate that Gail was our realtor. Her familiarity with the finest contractors in Calvert County meant that all necessary repairs were completed in a timely manner, at the best price, and with the highest quality craftmanship.

Leaving our home of sixteen years was a bittersweet experience. Leaving our friend Gail Siegel was a heartbreaker. Luckily, such friendships as ours span the miles and endure the times apart.”

“As soon as we met Gail we knew we wanted her to be our realtor. She was extremely prepared and had done her research. She patiently reviewed the contract and answered all our questions. As time went by she reassured us that the condo would sell and was priced correctly. She aggressively marketed the condo, advertising in various media. She patiently reviewed all documents, answering all our questions. The closing was a breeze with no problems. We highly recommend her.”

“Gail, when trying to decide which Realtor to use to sell the house, you were the one agent most forthcoming with suggestions and recommended contractors to assist us. We were immediately impressed with your attention to detail, professionalism and follow up. With your marketing expertise, the house showed well and had a lot of traffic. It was not surprising that the ultimate buyer was one you actually toured through the house and adjoining property.

You helped make a stressful situation less so. Future sellers of waterfront property would definitely be best served with your representation.”

“We were glad to have Gail’s experience and expertise on our side when we sold our house. She helped structure our contract to protect our interests and then, when we had a lot of unforeseen circumstances arise, she kept it touch and provided excellent advice at each step along the way. She was very easy to work with, we would work with her again, and would highly recommend her to others. Thanks again for everything.”

“At the advice of a close family friend, Gail was recommended to sell our late parents’ waterfront home. Upon our initial meeting. we were so impressed by Gail’s courtesy, preparedness, and professionalism that it was obvious we had found our realtor. Throughout the process she remained in constant contact with us and accommodated our different schedules. When we confronted unforeseen obstacles, she navigated us through these so we could meet various deadlines and achieve our ultimate goal, the sale of the house. From the listing, the photography and videography, and the clear, honest communication, Gail demonstrated a genuine passion for real estate. This truly is a labor of love for her. What really distinguished Gail, however, is how considerate and patient she was with each family member. We were blessed to hire Gail and are pleased to highly recommend her. To put it succinctly, we hired a real estate agent. We partnered to sell our loving parents home. And we found a friend for life in Gail!”

“Gail was incredibly patient and understanding when we decided that it was time to sell our beloved waterfront home. Her expertise was evident from the very beginning. The video that she had made for the on-line spots showcased the property beautifully. She anticipated potential problems and professionally guided us through the numerous mandatory inspections. We especially appreciated her prompt attention to details and the fact that she was in constant contact with us. Her knowledge of waterfront properties was well rewarded in our case. Her guidance and the time and effort she put in through each step of this difficult process made such an emotional situation easier. Gail comes highly recommended by us.”

“Gail Siegel has my total confidence as a realtor. She came highly recommended by neighbors who had used her to purchase their home. When I was considering renting my home, I contacted her. I had no idea where to start. Although, I have owned and sold many homes throughout many years as a military wife, this was the time having to “fly solo” as a widow. She “held my hand” through the entire process; it was not at all intimidating. She handled the advertising and the showings of the property. She also explained the rental process, the documents, and encouraged me to serve as my own property manager, even though she is licensed to do so. That saved me money, which is important. She always found wonderful tenants who served as positive stewards of my home.

Four years later, when I decided to sell my home, Gail was the obvious first choice for my selling agent. She knows the market, affective advertising techniques, and realty laws. In addition, she treats potential buyers with the same attention to detail she shows her sellers. She kept me informed every step of the way. She was also patient and kind when I would get crazy nervous and second-guess my own decisions during the selling process.

Gail’s customer service is old-school and refreshing! It certainly reassured me during our journey. Through our four year realtor-client relationship, Gail has become a respected friend. I would recommend her as a realtor and property management facilitator to anyone who is in need of these services. In fact, she is now helping my daughter find her perfect first home!

Gail was and is a blessing to me.”

“I had gotten to know Gail through her strong involvement in many philanthropies in the southern Maryland area. So when I made the difficult decision to sell my waterfront home, Gail was the first person I turned to. I was not disappointed! Her marketing acumen and knowledge of the area and understanding of potential waterfront buyers was absolutely on point. My home sold in just over a week with multiple offers. Gail can and should feel absolutely comfortable in marketing herself as “your waterfront home expert.” I will recommend Gail strongly to anyone who is seeking the services of the consummate real estate expert!!”

“I will forever be grateful to Gail for helping me purchase my first home. She held my hand and talked me through all the real estate jargon, making me feel confident about the largest investment in my life, so far. Eight years later, Gail helped me sell that home which flew off the market in just four days! She even negotiated with the buyer so that I could complete all the paperwork the day before my little boy was born. I will always recommend her for the extra personal care Gail provides her clients! Thanks for everything, Gail!!!”

“We couldn’t have hoped for someone more resourceful and knowledgeable about southern Maryland real estate! Gail helped us from start to sale and really helped us navigate all issues. We are so grateful for her professionalism.”

“WOW thanks to Gail Siegel, our Hollywood waterfront sold in 12 days, who would think. The video was amazing and so was Gail. She was very business-like and got it done. We appreciate all of your hard work, you are an amazing realtor. Thanks again for all of your hard work. Gail we love you!”

“Bob and I want to thank you for helping us buy our dream home and in selling our condo!!

When we saw a house that we thought we would like to explore further, you were our first choice to contact having met you years before in our initial house hunting days in southern Maryland. We knew that you knew the market and we were impressed with your professionalism. You are a real stickler for details and really helped us to ensure that we had a strong complete contract. We were able to get a great property at a good value and ahead of schedule!

When it came to listing our condo for sale, we knew we were in good hands. Again, your knowledge of the market place helped us to price the property where it got the traffic we needed and we landed a contract within the first 2 weeks of listing. There were a few mountains to climb during the contract process and your persistence in obtaining the needed information was essential to keeping the process running smoothly. We were able to get a good price for our home and get through a somewhat complicated loan process.

We definitely made a great team in executing both of these transactions!!”

“Gail Siegel is an absolutely outstanding realtor to work with! She was such a tremendous help with selling my parents house in Drum Point/Lusby. I live a couple hours away from Lusby so I was able to work with Gail mostly through phone calls and emails (so extremely helpful!). Her knowledge of the market was spot-on and we had a contract after only after 6 days on the market. She prepared an eye-catching VIDEO for potential buyers and marketed very effectively. Gail gave me recommendations for trustworthy and reputable professionals to do repairs, painting, etc. This was a huge relief for me because of my distance from the property. Also, she is quite detail-oriented and went out of her way to make sure I fully understood the entire process and all of the paperwork. She was always one step ahead and very professional.

I will go straight to Gail if I ever need to buy/sell another property in Gail’s area. I cannot recommend her enough!”

“I had a great experience working with Gail Siegel, O’Brien Realty selling my home. She came highly recommended and from our first meeting she was on my side every step of the way through the process.

When we first met, Gail explained how she would sell my home. Her communications were professional and she provided the information I needed to make sound decisions. This included current housing market data which allowed us to develop a good pricing strategy.

Immediately upon being listed, there was interest in my home and within a couple of weeks there were a few serious offers. Gail’s skills really came through during negotiations. Her opinions and recommendations were key in me obtaining a good price for my home. Additionally, she was able to effectively communicate with the buyer agent to reach an agreement on a closing date and split of closing costs that was amenable to all parties.

Gail was a joy to work with and I highly recommend her to anyone in the market for a realtor.”

“Gail is the premier realtor in Southern Maryland. She knows the market, has exceptional relationships with local vendors, and loves the Western Chesapeake Bay shore. We found Gail by accident; calling her number off a for sale sign as we started looking for properties. After meeting Gail, she represented my wife and I during our recent purchase on Long Beach in St. Leonard and we could not have been happier with her work. She was patient, professional, and provided decision points in a concise manner. Now, we are Gail’s neighbor in Long Beach!!”

“Our relationship with Gail Siegel began in 2012 when we were looking for a renter for our Maryland condo after we had moved full time to Florida. She found us an acceptable couple in a few weeks. In fact, these people rented the condo for 3 years and treated it as their own house.

When the time came to sell the condo, Gail again came through in short order. She produced a contract in a couple of weeks. In addition, her advice and help during the entire transaction were invaluable, especially since we were still in Florida and could not attend the sale.

Gail went above and beyond during the sale. She helped with suggesting reputable people to make the repairs necessary. She visited the condo while it was vacant before the sale to make sure that there were no problems. And she even attended the sale!

Thank you, Gail. We would recommend you to anyone else in a heartbeat.”

“Gail Siegel was wonderful to work with in the sale of my condo in Solomons. Gail knows the Southern Maryland real estate market very well. She is very professional and great to work with. The market for condos in Solomons is a tough one, but Gail posted my listing on a number of websites and we had well over 3,000 views and a large number of walk-in visits. When we finally had a contract, Gail was on top of it daily, and even helped out the buyer’s agent on several occasions. She made the entire process an easy one. I recommend her highly.”

“A seller can’t go wrong using Gail Siegel, a real estate agent with O’Brien Realty in Solomons, MD. From personal experience we can readily say that she is the most sincere, courteous and understanding agent we have ever dealt with our many years of buying and selling properties. She learns her sellers, is frank in her opinions and highly knowledgeable and meticulous in her paperwork. Our work with Gail involved a complicated combination of small, overgrown, undeveloped lots and roads in a waterfront setting. She learned the circuitous history of these properties and never hesitated to contact us if she had questions. Gail kept us apprised of what was happening at all times and suggested ways to improve their salability. She tackled the sales situations with enthusiasm and never let us down. Yes, for sure, whether it was for selling or buying, one should call on Gail Siegel first.”

“It was such a comfort to have Gail as my agent. She explains things thoroughly, she stays in touch throughout the process, and she clearly knows the market and appropriate prices for the area. Her energy and professionalism make her an outstanding agent.”

“My wife and I were searching for the perfect river house, as a second home in southern Maryland. It took us nearly four years of searching to find that place. Gail was very patient and professional. She provided tremendous support and insight regarding the transaction and the local market. We found her to be very responsive and enjoyable to be around. Being in the commercial real estate and title company businesses, I interact with agents and brokers on almost a daily basis. Of the hundreds of agents with whom I have done business, or observed in business, I would rank Gail Siegel in the top 2% in terms of professionalism, attention to detail, follow through, honesty and integrity.”

“We have used Gail several times over the past few years and have found her to be great guide through what can be a somewhat confusing real estate market. She listens to your needs, is knowledgeable on the area and has great insight into what works (and does not work) for prospective buyers/sellers. Gail is awesome at follow up and relentless in ensuring her customers are well taken care of. Given her long time experience, Gail knows the questions to ask and is a great coach on overall strategy. We would highly recommend working with her to buy or sell a house.”

“Gail was our agent when we bought our house in Calvert County and was our agent when we sold it nine years later. Her knowledge of the area and the market is remarkable. She listened to our concerns and was always available to answer our questions. We found her to be honest, blunt, and thoroughly professional. Her network of contacts in the building trades proved to be very helpful.

We would not hesitate to recommend Gail to anyone interested in buying or selling a home in the area. As a matter of fact, we have done so — repeatedly.”

“My wife and I were completely satisfied in choosing Gail to represent us in selling our condo in Solomons. She clearly understood the local market and was able to suggest updates and staging that improved the marketability of the property. She was on target with her pricing analysis and strategy, and her marketing plan was both aggressive and effective. We liked that very much. Gail consistently demonstrated understanding of buyer behaviors and was able to analyze offers to identify problematic terms and conditions that could cause issues later during the closing process. We would definitely ask Gail to represent us again in any real estate transaction in this area. Her professionalism, attention to every detail, and complete understanding of the local market and real estate practices makes her our preferred choice. We can definitely recommend her to others.”

“Joe and I could not have chosen a better real estate agent for the purchase of our waterfront “Dream” and the sale of our home of 25 years in Huntingtown. From the first day we sat down with you at the Broomes Island house we thought of you as not just a real estate agent but also a friend. Both transactions went better than we could have ever hoped for and we know your knowledge and expertise were the reason. You kept everything on track and always kept us updated and informed. I would be remiss if I did not mention how pleased we were when you promptly noticed that we had been overcharged for one of our inspection items and requested a refund check be sent to us. Please be sure to stop by whenever you are in the area, you are always welcome in our home! Thanks again”

“Working with Gail had a host of benefits to me. Almost as important as her professional business and real estate experience, was our ability to work as a team to accomplish the same goals. Her attention to detail and follow-up on every aspect of preparing for, showing, signing the contract, all the way to closing and post closing was extraordinary. I appreciated her cool no-drama approach and keeping me calm when, as always happens, challenges materialized. This did not affect her ability to be assertive when the necessity arose, and for this I cheered her on! I watched her as she sold a friend’s house a few years ago, and said then, if I ever need to sell a house, she’s the person I’ll talk to first!”

“Gail’s  focused efforts sold our house in 60 days in a tough, competitive  market. Her knowledge of the market is second to none. We are happy sellers and would recommend her to anyone.”

“Gail, We just want to tell you how completely thrilled we are with all you did to market and sell our beach house. Your advice, patience and professionalism throughout the process were extremely comforting. You kept us informed every step of the way and never let us miss a detail. We really appreciate the time and effort you took to go over every detail before the listing and during the sales process. You kept us at ease and reassured and your efforts with the buyer surely helped hold the sale together.

We can’t thank you enough. We have told our friends to call you if they want to buy or sell.”

“My wife and I have owned eight homes in five states, so we have lots of experience with Realtors. Gail Siegel is in the top rank of excellence. Here are the five main reasons we feel that way:

1) She really knows pricing and the market. If you are buying a house, you need a Realtor who can advise you wisely on the realistic value of the homes you are considering. If you are selling, choosing the right initial asking price is a major key to success. Obviously you want to get as much as you reasonably can, but you also need the price to generate enough interest so your house doesn’t languish on the market. We found that Gail has an exceptional grasp of pricing in her area, and she gave us excellent advice that helped us sell within weeks in a tough market.

2) She understands the ins and outs of contracts. As a lawyer with a real estate background, I have noticed that even experienced Realtors don’t necessarily grasp the meaning of all the clauses in real estate contract forms — and may even confuse basic terms such as “addendum” vs. “amendment.” I saw Gail straighten out problems with at least one other Realtor’s contract submission.

3) She is a strategic thinker with business savvy. Gail’s former career in business gives her an advantage over many Realtors, whose previous backgrounds vary widely. My wife, who holds an MBA from a major business school, was impressed to see Gail set specific goals for herself and strategize on how to achieve them. For example, with our house Gail thought it would be feasible to attract at least two simultaneous bidders — and she delivered on that.

4) She is meticulous and detail-oriented throughout the process. Buying or selling a home typically involves many steps even after the contract is negotiated, including a series of inspections and various contingencies. Gail stayed on top of every detail of every step and offered good guidance as needed.

5) She really takes her clients’ interests to heart. I generally tend to like people, but I am not particularly quick to trust them. During the course of Gail’s work for us, my wife and I both came to trust her implicitly. She wants to do her very best for her clients, and not just because that is good business. It comes from inside, including pride in a job well done.
For those reasons and more, we strongly recommend Gail Siegel as a Realtor.”

“I wanted to take a moment to express my sincere appreciation for your Herculean efforts in selling my Long Beach home during perhaps the worse housing market in two decades.

Your keen assessment of current home values assured that my asking price was on target. You advertised aggressively (at your own expense) in order to give my house the most exposure possible. Unfailingly, you stuck to your guns and represented my best interests in each transaction.

You were endlessly efficient and doggedly determined to locate a qualified buyer for me. When a fellow Realtor would be showing Long Beach properties to their clients, you always suggested that they include my home in their tour.

When bids by repair contractors were required, you steadfastly pursued those bids even during non-business hours in order that we would meet our deadline.

You were a stickler for accuracy in an era when too many agents seem to rush through paperwork with no attention to detail. You caught error after error in the inevitable mountain of documentation for my house sale and were not shy about sending the paperwork back to be corrected, thus avoiding a delay or a disaster at settlement.

Beyond the shadow of a doubt, I am certain that my house would be unsold today if I had left it in the hands of a lesser agent. In short, you are on top of your game, you have my highest recommendation and I can’t thank you enough!

With genuine gratitude,”

“Dear Gail:

I would like you to know that you succeeded in making the experience of selling our Broomes Island home completely effortless. Not only were you the consummate professional, but you had the knowledge, the tools and the savvy to successfully market and present our home for the precise type of buyer who would see the value of the house and the grounds as well.

Even though we have bought as many as six homes between us the last 25 years, your expertise in the rules and regulations, abundant forms and the necessary steps that every buyer and seller must endure, was made easier than I have ever had to go through during previous home sales and purchases.

Thank you, thank you, thank you. ”


“Why we are so thrilled Gail Siegel was our buyers-agent!

After years of living in Northern Virginia and speculating on how wonderful it would be to own a cottage on the shore, my wife and I decided in the summer of 2009 to start exploring the western and eastern shore of the Chesapeake Bay. We wondered if the recent recession might create better than average purchase opportunities.

Our journey began with buying ADC maps of the respective counties. We planned to do our homework street by street and to see as many properties as possible. Our weekends became huge explorations of neighborhoods ending at the shoreline, witnessing impressive homes and public parks on our adventure. We had friends who had bought homes on the eastern shore but after battling the Bay Bridge, we decided to focus on western shoreline communities within 90 minutes of Northern Virginia. This decision changed our lives!

We called the listing agent of a Calvert County property that was on the Bay. The listing agent was Gail Siegel. We discovered that Gail had been in the “business” for over 25 years. She spent 18 years running east coast sales for a number of software start-up companies and was entering her 8th year as a full-time real estate professional.  She had achieved advanced certifications/designations and held the Accredited Buyer Representative designation – a benchmark of excellence in buyer representation. But what impressed us the most was her passion for the Chesapeake Bay.

Gail had relocated from Northern Virginia to a cottage that had taken her breath away. She lost this home during Hurricane Isabel and had to rebuild her waterfront site. During construction she gained extensive “first hand” experience in regard to local zoning issues and the Chesapeake Bay Act.

At our first meeting, it became immediately apparent that Gail was extremely knowledgeable about Chesapeake Bay waterfront living. She directed us to internet resources so that we could be better informed. She was readily available to discuss concepts and explain terminology. Through Gail we studied the new do’s and don’ts of waterfront living.

Gail had extensive knowledge of many of the listings we encountered and was quick to do further research for us on properties that we were interested in. We thought several times that we had discovered that “great deal” only to have Gail “fill in the rest of the story” and save us from making the wrong decision.

Gail also had many questions, searching for the property that would best meet our needs. Her assessments of the condition of the listings were always on point and with experienced and keen eyes she quickly determined the pros, as well as the pitfalls. But be warned – she is full of energy and encouragement, even at 8:00 a.m. on a Saturday morning.

Well, the day came when we “found our place” with Gail. As our buyer broker agent Gail discussed and explained in exhaustive detail every item covered in our contract. She then pulled out her fat “little black book” of professional contacts to assist us with our home inspection and brought up issues we would not in a million years have thought of. With Gail’s fierce determination in ensuring that our goals were met, we worked out all the kinks that home buying entails.

We could not imagine ever buying a house without a buyer’s agent like Gail Siegel. Thanks to her vigilant guidance, we now watch the sunrise and seagulls on the Bay and fully understand Gail’s passion.”

“Gail made my house search effortless. I could count on Gail to check out and alert me to new listings immediately, and to give me sound advice about every aspect of the properties we visited. It was a pleasure working with a seasoned professional who knows the region intimately & who consistently exceeded my expectations on service from search to settlement.”

“Gail helped me buy and sell two excellent waterfront properties in Southern Maryland. I’ve worked with dozens of agents over 30 years, and Gail’s the ‘best of the best’. I wouldn’t want anyone but Gail to handle my future real estate needs!”

“Gail Siegel was a pleasure to work with. She knows the area and all the players which is a huge asset when trying to get through the maze of paperwork. She was a great resource to us and her knowledge about the community was invaluable. We’re thrilled with our house and have to thank Gail for all she did to make it happen.”

“At first, selling my house in Lusby, MD during the Spring of 2007 seemed to be a daunting challenge.  However, after hiring Gail as my seller agent, I was quickly put at ease.  Gail provided an accurate market analysis including over 180 homes on the market in my neighborhood, which were comparable in price to mine.  Through her expertise, guidance, and open communication we set a competitive price for my home.  In the end I didn’t get what I was asking for, I got approx. $11,000 more! Thanks for making the home selling experience so easy.”